About Me

My name is Jason Rodriguez. By trade I’m a writer, teacher, and designer. Through various side projects and personal interests, I’m an illustrator, fledgling programmer, and (former) musician.

My ugly mug

Most of my time is spent educating others about email design. I’m fortunate enough to do that with a group of like-minded people at Litmus. We’re hard at work building a community and the best damn tools around for email designers.

On the topic of email design, I’ve self-published two books on the subject. The first, Modern HTML Email, has sold over 2,000 copies. The second, Professional Email Design, is on its way to selling even more. I’ve also written for A List Apart (twice) and occasionally speak at industry events, a list of which can be found below.

I have a fascination with picture books and occasionally toy around with making my own. When I’m not working on any of the above, I spend my time with my wonderful wife and two clever daughters.

If you want to see what I’m focusing on, check out my now page.

You can always get in touch with me via email or Twitter

About This Site

This is the nth iteration of my website. All of the HTML and CSS was hand-coded. I use Jekyll to run everything and the type is set—without much convention—in that ol’ stalwart of the web, Georgia.

Curious what tools I use on a daily basis? Check out my using page.

Talks I’ve Given

The Elements of Email Design
The Email Design Conference, 2016

Wait. What just happened to my email?
Litmus + Sendwithus, 2016

Wrapping Your Head Around Modern Email
Digital Summit Detroit, 2015

Innovations and Best Practices in Email Marketing
Financial Brand Forum, 2015

Email at the Turning Point
e-Village Inspiration Sessions, 2015

Responsive Email Design Workshop
Frontend Masters, 2014

But what about email?
QA Summit for Digital Marketing, 2014

Building a Community with Curated Content
The Email Design Conference, 2014

Designing for Emotion in Email
The Email Design Conference, 2014

Intermediate and Advanced Workshops
The Email Design Conference, 2014

Bootcamp: Building Mobile First Emails
Silverpop Amplify, 2014

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