In August of 2013, I took the plunge into self-publishing my own writing. Since then, I’ve gone on to sell a few thousand copies of my two books, helping people around the world improve their email marketing campaigns in the process.

You can find out more about both using the links below.

Modern HTML Email

Modern HTML Email is an introduction to modern email marketing practices. Over the course of four chapters, it guides you through the logistics of email marketing, including:

  • Understanding permissions
  • Spam laws and legal considerations
  • Designing email campaigns
  • Using content in email campaigns
  • Coding email templates
  • Responsive design techniques
  • Testing and iterating on campaigns

It’s been used by thousands of email marketers, from beginners to industry veterans, to bring their HTML email campaigns into the 21st century.

The second edition includes both updated chapters and completely new sections on email law, design techniques, coding methods, and more. The example template has been completely rewritten to reflect more up-to-date coding practices, making email development easier than ever before.

Here’s what one reader had to say about Modern HTML Email:

Your book gave valuable insight into the dark art of email design. Thank you for your hard work! It is my go-to reference.

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Professional Email Design

My second book, Professional Email Design, walks you through the components that make up modern email campaigns. Instead of walking through building a complete template, it dives into the elements that power those templates, including:

  • Useful HTML elements
  • How to use CSS in email campaigns
  • Using modular components
  • Typography in email
  • Using images in email
  • Making things responsive
  • Adding movement to email campaigns

It also goes over some of the most useful tools and techniques in the professional email designer’s toolbox, with recommendations for both to improve your email campaigns.

Here’s what one reader had to say about Professional Email Design:

What a lifesaver your book was. Here’s something that kept happening: I thought I already had many tricks and tactics down pat, but time and again as I kept reading I found myself SMH as you presented a more elegant, supported, and email client-friendly way to accomplish the same—or better! Bravo!

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