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There's a lot of information out there on email marketing, design, and development. Frankly, a lot of it's outdated, ill-informed, or just plain bullshit. That's why this resources page exists. It's here to give you the best resources on all things email, hand-picked by someone that's been in the industry for years and has spent a lot of that time wading through the muck to find the good stuff.

Below you'll find a curated list of the best people, blogs, courses, code, tools, writing, and companies in the email world. Think something's missing? Email me.

Looking for something specific? Try CTRL+F to search, this is a looooong page.

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The people shaping the industry. The ones working tirelessly to make email better for everyone, often thanklessly. Give 'em a follow or shoot them a friendly email.


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Online classes, workshops, and books to learn more about email marketing, design, development, and strategy.

  • Unmasking HTML Emails Code School | Website
  • HTML Email Design Treehouse | Website
  • Responsive HTML Email Design Front End Masters | Website
  • Modern HTML Email Jason Rodriguez | Website
  • Professional Email Design Jason Rodriguez | Website
  • Getting Started with Email Marketing Skillshare | Website
  • Designing Effective Emails Skillshare | Website
  • Writing Effective Emails Skillshare | Website
  • Measuring Impact with Metrics Skillshare | Website
  • Zurb Responsive Emails Zurb | Website
  • Creating a Responsive HTML Email Lynda | Website
  • HTML Email Design and Development Envato | Website
  • Introduction to Email Marketing General Assembly | Website


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Great writing on email design, development, strategy, and more. Load up your Instapaper account and level up your skills.

  • The Coming Revolution in Email Design Article | Website
  • Can email be responsive? Article | Website
  • Professional Email Design Book | Website
  • Why don't email clients use modern rendering engines? Article | Website
  • Email Design Reference Guide | Website
  • The Hybrid Coding Approach Article | Website
  • Hybrid Coding Redux Article | Website
  • Creating a Future-Proof Responsive Email Without Media Queries Article | Website
  • Creating a Centered, Responsive Design Without Media Queries Article | Website
  • Content Choreography in Responsive Email Article | Website
  • MailChimp Guides Guides | Website
  • MailChimp Research Guides | Website
  • Using Video and Email Together Article | Website
  • The Fab Four Technique Article | Website
  • Super Mail Forward Article | Website
  • Using Flexbox in Email Article | Website
  • Responsive Email Support Article | Website
  • Email Marketing Rules Book | Website
  • Improve Your Email Workflow with Modular Design Article | Website
  • Webfont Alternatives, Fallbacks, and Outlook Article | Website
  • Optimize Your Email Development Workflow Article | Website
  • Building a Dynamic SVG Timer Article | Website
  • Image Budgets for Email Article | Website
  • CSS Shapes in Email Article | Website
  • Typographic Patterns in Email Article | Website
  • Webfont Support in Email Article | Website
  • On the Cusp of Craftsmanship Article | Website
  • Campaign Monitor Guides Guides | Website
  • Can you just make it responsive? Article | Website
  • TD or Not TD? That's Now a Question Article | Website
  • Gmail, We Need to Talk Article | Website
  • Using Images in HTML Email Article | Website
  • How to Hide Checkbox and Radio Inputs in Email Article | Website
  • Reverse Stacking Using Table-Align Based Methods Article | Website
  • How to Hide and Show Content on Mobile Devices Article | Website
  • Typography in Email Article | Website
  • 2016 State of Email Production Report | Website
  • A Guide to CSS Inlining in Email Article | Website
  • The Ultimate Guide to Using Snippets in Email Design Article | Website
  • How to Recover from Email Marketing Mistakes Guide | Website
  • How to Code a Live Dynamic Twitter Feed in HTML Email Article | Website
  • A Gmail-First Strategy for Responsive Emails Article | Website
  • Fitting Responsive Email Client Support into Client Budgets Article | Website
  • Email Client Support for Interactive and Dynamic CSS Article | Website
  • The Ultimate Guide to Preview Text Support Article | Website
  • A Bulletproof Guide to Using HTML5 and CSS3 in Email Article | Website
  • How to Code HTML5 Video Background in Email Article | Website
  • A Guide to Animated GIFs in Email Article | Website
  • The Tyranny of Tables Article | Website
  • A Guide to Bulletproof Buttons Article | Website
  • Alternative Table Structure for Flexible HTML Emails Article | Website
  • Emails with HAML and Jekyll Front Matter Article | Website
  • HTML Emails: Planning and Organization Article | Website
  • Understanding Responsive and Hybrid Email Design Article | Website
  • How to Use Experimental Typography in Email Without Breaking Your Design Article | Website
  • Accessible Email Documentation Collection | Website
  • Fargo Email Development Walkthrough Article | Website


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The best tools for designing, developing, testing, and tracking email campaigns.

  • Affinity Designer Graphics | Website
  • Affinity Photo Graphics | Website
  • Adobe Photoshop Graphics | Website
  • Adobe Illustrator Graphics | Website
  • Adobe Dreamweaver Coding | Website
  • Visual Studio Code Coding | Website
  • Bulletproof Background Images Coding | Website
  • Bulletproof Email Buttons Coding | Website
  • Litmus Email Previews Testing | Website
  • Litmus Email Analytics Analytics | Website
  • Google Analytics Analytics | Website
  • Rebelmail Content & Analytics | Website
  • Taxi for Email Content & Coding | Website
  • StampReady Coding & Design | Website
  • BEE Free Coding & Design | Website
  • Accessible-Email.org Testing | Website
  • EmailChecker.io Testing | Website


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Email frameworks, templates, and code snippets to help make development easier.

  • Litmus Community Template Gallery Templates | Website
  • Foundation for Emails Framework | Website
  • MailChimp Email Blueprints Templates | Website
  • Litmus Community Snippets Snippets | Website
  • Responsive Email Patterns Snippets | Website
  • Email Framework Framework | Website
  • Sendwithus Templates Templates | Website
  • Postmark Transactional Templates Templates | Website


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Amazing email campaigns to serve as inspiration and learning tools. Pop open the code, see what they're doing, and build on those ideas in your own campaigns.

  • Litmus Builder launch email Interactive | View email
  • Collaborative Fund newsletter Design | View email
  • MailChimp for Agencies newsletter Design | View email
  • Alien experimental email Interactive | View email
  • Sonic experimental email Interactive | View email
  • Two Christmas tree email Interactive | View email
  • American Express advent calendar Interactive | View email
  • Offscreen Dispatch newsletter Design | View email
  • Litmus Live tickets email Interactive | View email
  • Litmus Live quiz email Interactive/Dynamic | View email
  • Typeform newsletter Design/Copywriting | View email
  • Charged newsletter Design/Copywriting | View email
  • Sarah J. Bray newsletter Copywriting | View email
  • Casper Valentine's Day email Copywriting | View email
  • Type E: newsletter Interactive/Design | View email
  • Netflix Lemony Snicket promo Copywriting | View email
  • Our Revolution newsletter Design/Hope | View email
  • Code School Angular 2 email Design/Experimental | View email
  • MailChimp for Agencies newsletter Design | View email
  • Collaborative Fund newsletter Design/Animation | View email
  • SpiritJS welcome email Design/Animation | View email
  • Apple Developer WWDC announcement Design/Animation | View email
  • Email Weekly throwback newsletter Design/Animation | View email
  • MailChimp Essentials reminder email Design/Copywriting | View email
  • Code School Free Weekend email Design/Animation | View email
  • Mapbox update email Design/Animation | View email
  • Wistia Soapbox announcement email Design/Copywriting | View email
  • The Monocle Minute newsletter Design | View email
  • A message from President Underwood Design/Copywriting | View email
  • Burberry Shop the Show email Design/Animation/Interactivity | View email
  • Burberry The Scarf Bar Design/Animation/Interactivity | View email
  • Burberry Mr. Burberry email Design/Animation | View email


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The best places to keep up-to-date on the email industry.

  • Rémi Parmentier on Medium Website
  • Email Experience Council Blog Website
  • Email Marketing Chronicles Website


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Companies to help you manage subscribers, send, and track email campaigns.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Website
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