Inspired by this tweet from Matt Gemmell, here’s a look at what tools I’m currently using to tackle the projects I’m focusing on right now.

For managing tasks and staying focused, I use a mishmash of notebooks (typically formatted as Bullet Journals), flagged emails in my inbox, and Reminders for keeping track of things that need to get done more than a week out. I sometimes take notes by hand in my notebook, but more often than not, those notes end up in Apple Notes.

My writing is typically done using Markdown in iA Writer. My coding tasks are handled with Sublime Text 3, which is amazing. For coding and testing emails specifically, there’s nothing better than Litmus Builder.

My website is hosted using Netlify and I use Fork to manage my repos and push to GitLab. Although I’m learning, I’m still not a command line person. I’m GUI by default.

For illustration and graphics, I use Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for damned near everything. It feels nice to get away from Adobe products, and I’ve found Affinity’s tools to do everything I’ve needed up to this point. Although, one of my favorite illustration apps is still Paper by FiftyThree. It’s my go-to for quick illustrations to accompany blog posts here and its color fill tool is one of the most brilliant illustration tools ever made. Now, if only we could get layers…

Most everything else I use is very boring. When I need to do things digitally, I just use Apple’s stock apps: Calendar, Mail, iMovie, and Photos.

As far as smaller utilities go, I couldn’t live without Couleurs, CloudApp, Dropbox, 1Password, and Litmus Scope. For more work-y type stuff, I’m a huge fan of Slack, Google Docs, and all of Litmus’ tools. Instant previews is freaking amazing when you work with email on a regular basis.

For hardware, it’s either my Macbook Air (Pro for work stuff), an iPhone, or an iPad Air 2.